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Saturday, February 7, 2015


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Maya says THANK YOU to everyone who contributed on Colorado Gives Day and throughout the year! You make it possible for HPL  to save horses like her.

Maya’s Update


When Maya came to us last August she was emaciated and her health was critical. (see full story below).

Today, she is thriving at HPL and is looking sleek and healthy. Her companion, Maggie, is also doing great.

At HPL our goal is to bring horses back to good health and get them adopted to loving homes. Maya’s story is one that is repeated many times at HPL, but we need your support to continue our work.

Please consider making a donation on Colorado Gives Day, December 9, to enable us to rescue horses from dire situations and give them a safe place where they will be sheltered and properly cared for.

Also, please consider sponsoring a horse (click here for details).

Helping a horse is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine.

2015 HPL Calendars are here!

Looking for a great stocking stuffer (well, maybe they don’t quite fit into stockings) or holiday gift? Stop by the ranch and pick up the 2015 HPL calendar for all of your family and friends!The wall calendars are $15 each. You can pick them up at the ranch. Just come by on volunteer days (Wednesdays & Saturdays from 9 am—2pm), or call the HPL office at 303-216-0141 to make sure that the ranch house is open and someone is available to provide the calendars you want.The calendars are made possible through the support of donors who select “certain dates” to recognize family, friends, pets and other meaningful occasions.Each month has a picture of one of the HPL horses, so it’s a great way to keep in mind throughout the year how many horses you are saving through your generous support.Remember HPL’s events in 2015 and mark your calendars! 2015 calendar spread

HPL is in the News!

Click HERE to read our story in the Denver Post Arvada Hub.


The Horse Protection League is celebrating 20 years of helping horses.

Look at them now.

Maya and Maggie are making great strides.


Maya, left, and Maggie, right, on October 15, 2014. They are both getting stronger and healthier after a month of proper nutrition and lots of TLC. Annie Oden, President of HPL, shares a playful moment with Maya around feeding time.


Maya, left, and Maggie, right, upon arrival at HPL on August 23, 2014.

On Saturday, August 23, 2014, Emie O’Neill, Barn Manager at HPL, got call from Arvada Animal Control about two horses that were in dire condition and needed a home where they could be properly cared for.

The Animal Control officers used a scale from 1 to 9 to evaluate what condition the horses were in. One horse was rated “1” the other was rated “2”. Time was running out for these animals.

Shortly after the call from Animal Control came in to HPL, Emie O’Neill and two other HPL volunteers showed up to meet Arvada Animal Control officers at the horse property for a voluntary owner surrender from an elderly woman who could no longer care for the horses.

The horses were kept in horrible conditions. They were confined in small pens and were terribly neglected.

When the two horses arrived at HPL later that day, they were quarantined in appropriate pens and got immediate veterinarian and ferrier care…and lots of love from the folks at HPL.


Maya’s condition was rated a “1” on a scale of 1 to 9 by the Arvada Animal Control department.

Within a week their conditions were much improved. They have a new lease on life, and new names: Maya and Maggie.

Maya, a black Arabian, is thought to be around 31 years old and Maggie, a bay thoroughbred cross, is around 10 years old.


Maggie’s condition was rated a “2” on a scale of 1 to 9 by the Arvada Animal Control department.

If you’d like to come out to the HPL ranch and visit our newest horses and observe their progress, visitor’s hours are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The HPL ranch if a fun place to visit for both adults and children, as well as school groups.

Maya and Maggie are just two more reasons that hope springs eternal at HPL.

For more photos of Maya and Maggie, click HERE.